Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit
Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit

Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit
By: Autozeel


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Product Description

Short Description

Learn how to maintain your car on daily basis in 2 easy steps. One of the biggest question we are asked is how to maintain car on daily basis?


The Autozeel way, using a Car Duster and Quick Detailing the car. In less than 10 minutes, your car will be cleaned and shining without wasting any water.


Most of the cars are washed daily resulting in

  1. Swirls marks. Same cloth used to wash car, wheels

  2. Water marks. Improper wiping

  3. Rust issue. Stagnant water around door jabs, boot, bonnet

  4. Brake disc rusting due to splashing of water.


Most importantly is wastage of POTABLE Drinking Water. 15 litres for every car.


All the above can be avoided. Read on.


How to use


We are introducing Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep kit. Maintain your car while using just 50 ml of water. Surprised?


Let us show it to you how.


The Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit comprises of 5 things

  1. Car Duster: Jopasu Car Duster. Use this to clean the dust from car

  2. Quick Detailer: CarPro Ech2o. This is concentrate Quick Detailer, also called as QD which needs to be diluted in 1:25 ratio. Quick detailer; simply spray and wipe off. This enables you to clean the car quickly and gives a shine plus protection to paint work. Carpro Echo is specially designed for Ceramic Coated cars. Works with wax and sealant as well.

  3. Spray bottle: CarPro Spray Bottle. This has a 500 ml capacity and sprays a very fine mist. This helps to cover more surface area resulting in less usage of quick detailer.

  4. Microfiber: Autozeel Microfiber 380 GSM 16"x16" to clean and wipe. We are including 2 of these in kit.

  5. Measuring Cup: Autozeel Measuring Cup 30 ML. This allows you to measure exactly how much concentrate to dilute for making your Quick Detailing solution. We are including this FREE of Cost in the kit.


If you have any of products already, you can purchase them individually also by clicking product links.


Before I show you how to clean the car. Let us now prepare our Quick Detailing Solution: QD as we say.

  1. Take the CarPro Spray Bottle and fill it up with water. This has a capacity of 500 ml.

  2. CarPro Ech2o as a QD to be diluted in 1:25 ratio. One part of Ech2o for 25 parts of water.

  3. For 500 ml bottle we require 20 ml. 500 divided by 25.

  4. Use Autozeel Measuring Cup to measure 20 ml CarPro Ech2o.

  5. Pour the concentrate into CarPro Spray bottle. Close it and give it a gentle shake to mix up the solution.

Your QD Quick Detailing Solution is ready! Carpro bottle doesn't open directly. Its child proof. Simply press the top and open. Watch video for better understanding.


Car cleaning products are now ready

Step 1: Car Duster: We have Jopasu Car Duster

Start from top of car and progress downwards. Wipe one panel at a time and give a shake to the duster. This loosens up the dust and frees up the strands.

Use the duster on metal, rubber, plastic and glass.

Duster helps you to get rid of dust within 3 minutes.

Caution: Do not use duster on a wet surface. Otherwise it will streak.

Note: Brand new duster will give out lint for a few days and then it will stop.


Step 2. Quick Detailer QD and Microfiber: CarPro Ech2o as our QD + Autozeel Microfiber 380 GSM 16"x16"

Fold your microfiber to get the 8 sides. Twist open the head of CarPro Spray Bottle by 90 degree. Mist one side of microfiber aka priming the microfiber. Simply spray QD on one panel and wipe off. Start from top and progress downwards.

Spray, wipe, flip over and a dry wipe.

Change over to a fresh side when the Microfiber becomes dirty on Wet side.


Quick Detailing helps you to

  1. Clean the car quickly

  2. Gives a nice shine

  3. Makes the surface slick

  4. Adds a layer of protection to the surface

  5. Makes it easier to clean car next time

  6. Protects the coating on car


CarPro Ech2o can be used on metal, glass, rubber and plastic; allowing you to clean every surface of car. Even interior.


Using this method of cleaning car using duster and then quick detailing:

  1. Helps you to clean car without wasting any water

  2. Gives a nice shine and makes the surface glossy

  3. Avoids swirls marks, scratches and water marks

  4. Prevents rusting

Most importantly saves 15 Litres POTABLE DRINKING WATER.


Change over to this way of cleaning and your car will look even better. The Autozeel way of daily car upkeep!


Please do watch the video where we have explained every aspect of Autozeel Daily Car Upkeep Kit.


Do let us know for any queries.

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